After its official reveal at E3 2019, Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers game finally has actual gameplay footage. Earlier today, a trailer dropped which surprisingly didn’t disappoint. Shown off was an early alpha build that starts with Thor and Iron Man flying to their destination with some banter between the two. The voices are admittedly a bit jarring after hearing their MCU counterparts for years. This will probably wear off after a few hours of playing.

The gameplay footage video is a massive 18 minutes in length and details a bit of what we can expect. The combat system looks similar to Sony’s God of War including air juggles, strong and weak attacks, and cinematic takedowns. In the Thor portion, we see their powers can help to move through a level. For example, Thor smashes through a cement barricade like it was nothing.

Levels appear more linear than expected. The level shown is laid out by a set path carved from cars and debris. When Tony Stark takes over, it swaps to a flying segment that is also linear.

The first impressions of the Marvel’s Avengers game are definitely positive. The Avengers move and fight as you’d expect and playing it looks like it will be very flashy and fun. The inclusion of Taskmaster near the end was a very welcome surprise and gives a good sign for how deep their lore pulls will be. With episodic content and new playable characters planned for post-launch, it looks like fans are in for a treat.

Square’s Marvel’s Avengers game is set to release on May 15th, 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.