Lab Zero Games’ hand-drawn RPG Indivisible has finally received a launch date. If you don’t know it, Indivisible is a hybrid action RPG and platformer developed by the studio behind Skullgirls.

Since its announcement in 2015, Lab Zero has been relatively quiet outside of a few small tidbits here and there. If the launch trailer is anything to go by though, their hard work has paid off as the environments and characters ooze with style and life as they fill the screen. Battles look flashy and fast-paced as the characters never seem to stop moving. Platforming doesn’t look too bad either as the main character, Ajna, bounces around with ease.

The team has put together a site full of its characters and already boasts over 29 currently to get to know. There are no exact details on who of them will be able to join your party (hopefully it will be ALL of them), but just seeing the care the team has taken with each and every one of them is astounding.

Indivisible launches on October 8th, 2019 for Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Preorders are currently live for those and a Nintendo Switch version is in the works.